Monday, August 18, 2014

Good Morning! We had a lazy weekend and today is our anniversary so I am ready for an even greater new week.  

It's Monday morning and I'm really enjoying getting back into a regular routine here at my new and improved blog. Right now I'm still in the process of bringing posts over and organizing recipe lists, but soon - VERY soon I'll be back to just every day life and blogging about it.

I join in with Sandra who host Happy Homemaker Monday at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom.  Be sure and stop by to see what it's all about!

  • Breakfast out!
    • Play day with hubby for our anniversary - a little antiquing, eating out and just having fun.

      Whatever strikes our fancy off the DVR.  I try not to plan this in advance and just go with the flow at least until the NEW Fall schedule starts.

      HOT & HUMID! YUCK!! But, we're heading over the mountain towards the coast and 20 degree cooler weather.

       Menu Plan Monday hosted by Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie

      TUESDAY8/19CEREAL??Roasted Stuffed Peppers
      WEDNESDAY8/20YOGURT??Chicken & Green Chile Flautas
      THURSDAY8/21FRUIT??CADILLACS - Parmesan Roast Beef
      FRIDAY8/22????Pan Fried Snapper with White Wine Lemon Butter Sauce
      SATURDAY8/23Buttermilk Waffles  ??Caribbean Pork Steaks 
      SUNDAY8/24Quiche Lorraine ??BBQ Salami Roast Chicken

      Do a little quilting and finish a few older projects though I have yet to have a few minutes to myself LOL like that's going to happen.

      I have a list of tons of recipes I want to try, but I'm trying to go with the most unusual first.  So this week it is PB&J Pancakes & Krabby Chicken Casserole.  Stay posted for the results. I did rework an old recipe this weekend for a fun new recipe of Apricot Pork Chops and Scalloped Potatoes.

      As I combine all my old blogs into this new one I'm also keeping a list of those recipes that I cannot in good conscience bring over until I remake them and take some decent pictures LOL.

      Nothing special as it is monsoon season and unbearable to be outside except to go to the pool.

      I got a great photo of the sunset this weekend.

      I found this in my box of recipes - would love to tell you what publication it came from, but I just don't know.  I did think it was a handy thing to remember.
      So what will you be making with this new knowledge?

      I've been trying to clean out my feedly and so many of my favorite blogs are just gone - so sad.  But I ran across Cooking Classy that used to be one of my favorites and found she's still cooking up a storm. I just love the layout of her blog and the clean fresh look.

      Still wondering why Acronyms and Avatars have taken over the world! People no longer speak (or write) in whole sentences and are obsessed with images of themselves!

      Guidance as we move forward and start again in a home search. While we are sad that the home we had our heart set on is not not going to happen we are elated that we are realizing the signs are pointing (and have been we were just to dense to see) that we were meant to go in a different direction entirely.


      1. LOL I still can't believe we posted the exact same devotional without even knowing the other one was doing it. How funny!!!

        By the way, did you ever receive my thank you card? I am so hoping I got the address right LOL

        Hoping your house hunting goes well and you find the home of your dreams.

        1. I know - my jaw hit the floor then I realized our anniversaries are only a week apart - I guess we both had that in mind.

          I did get it just today. We're working on my mom's winter place for a few months so it had to be forwarded, but you used the right address.

          We'll begin the search again in earnest when we get back in November, but have high hopes and positive thoughts about the change in direction. Have a great week my friend.

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        1. Thank you Conny - we're celbrating all week long. :D


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