Saturday, September 19, 2015


We've hit another snag on our move which will delay it a bit more and I realize that I'm very much feeling like I am at loose ends. I think I feel this way mainly because almost everything is packed since our original move date was 2 weeks ago! Just day to day life becomes difficult when everything is taped into boxes and you can no longer remember which box is which. While I was searching for images to accompany what I wanted to say here, it was then that I realized the term "loose ends" has primarily negative connotations - from business to nooses, the term is almost always a bad thing.

So, I'm choosing to think positively about the "loose ends" and how to tie them up into pretty bows. While I have had to buy a few things for the cooler weather there are some real positives to go along with that.
  1. Traveling with animals will be easier since the weather will be nicer.
  2. We're doing U-packs which require serious manual labor which will be easier with cooler weather especially at stop two in the desert.
  3. We'll get to see some changing of the colors along the way making it a much prettier drive.
  4. It will be cooler when we arrive which will make for more comfortable weather to unload the moving trucks.
  5. The cooler weather will make the initial shopping for supplies more enjoyable, not to mention easier. a good camera and so many of the food pictures are horrible! so I'm appreciating the chance to make them better.
I'm also not recipe experimenting and this is giving me the chance to remake some favorites and do decent pictures since I did not have a very good camera when I first began blogging.


  1. Oh I know this "limbo land" can be so frustrating! Great attitude Lady - and that will get you far in going through this process as smoothly and positively as possible.
    Blessings and prayers as you continue to get ready and when the travels begin! ;)

    1. Thank you! I should have been an architect. I just keep drawing up more and more plans for the things we're going to change. Hopefully that will mean that we get things done faster. I even have the shopping lists ready to go and the paint colors picked out.


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