Friday, August 29, 2014

As we head into this holiday weekend I realize that I have been soooo focused, toooo focused on merging these blogs of mine together and updating the recipes that I forgot to take time to smell the roses or even the coffee and just breathe for awhile!

We've had some amazing and weird looking UFO like sunsets recently as you can see from the picture below.
But, that said I CANNOT wait to leave the desert for the final time! We've finally decided on where to go and after a stop to help family and re group we will be close enough to do our research and find a new home.  It's been a long time coming!
It's been super hot here this week and we're all feeling a little lethargic from all the indoor time. Even Whiskey who is normally full of energy is oblivious this week.
Personally I'm choosing to look forward to cooler weather by
 I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend.  
Don't forget your BBQ recipes and laughter.


  1. Still have my snowman family ready to come out for Christmas :)
    You've been posting so much so quickly I can't keep up! Love the sunset photo above!!

  2. LOL I will be slowing down considerably after this weekend. I have about a dozen recipes to finish migrating and then it will be ALL new only.

    You know us Virgos once we start a project - can't wait to hurry up and finish.!


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