Friday, July 25, 2014

13 TIPS for an easy to use kitchen...

These days I need all the motivation I can get.  One of the things that helps me most is an easy to use kitchen.  I thought I'd share a few of the more important items (at least to me).  I hope they help you get organized and motivated.
  • You don't need tons of kitchenware, just some good quality multi-use pieces.  I love my Pampered chef stoneware and Emeril Stainless steel pans.
  • Make sure your serving dishes and utensils are handy.
  • Keep the spices you use most often handy!
  • Arrange pantry items in a logical, easy to use order (at least to you).
  • Rotate your flours, sugars and spices regularly.  These items do lose the strength and potency.
  • Arrange your pots and pans in a logical order so that your most used items are towards the front.
  • Arrange your small appliances, tools and gadgets so they are easy for YOU to use!
  • Quality is the keyword whether you're talking about cookware, knives or recipe ingredients.
  • Prepare as many ingredients before you begin cooking.  Sometimes I'll prepare all the ingredients for my weeknight recipes on Sunday to make it easier and quicker to put week night dinners together.
  • Make as many components of your meal in advance as you can - things like dips, vegetables or desserts for example.
  • Use the freshest ingredients available and plan your menus around the season's available fruits and vegetables.
  • Prepare a small sink of hot soapy water before you begin so you can clean as you go.
  • Clean as you go!

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