Friday, July 25, 2014


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Does this describe your life at any point in time? Be honest. I know we have all felt like we were at the end of our rope at one time or another. What do you do to "recover" from those feelings?

I try to stay positive at all times, but even an optimist has their moments. I remember one night when hubby and I were out throwing back sipping a few drinks with friends and hubby was going on about some silly thing and I pointed out the positive part while trying to overshadow the bad. Now hubby all in good nature turned to me, smiled and said, "you know you can be a real bitch sometimes", then he laughed and kissed me. My point is that life isn't all wine and roses and sometimes too upbeat can be just as annoying as always pessimistic so it really is okay to feel like this cartoon every now and then, just don't linger there.

Instead you need to make these - they'll make you smile!

4 ounces Orange Juice
1 jigger Tequila Rose
4 ounces 7 up
  • Blend orange Juice and tequila rose together until well mixed.
  • Add 7up.
  • Enjoy.
  • Next time I'm going to add some rum too!

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