Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I'm still working on the before and after update that I hope to have done tomorrow or Friday, but we are elated today, day 400 of the House from Hell as we finally got carpeting!  It's been a REALLY long haul and we are exhausted, but I couldn't wait to get a few pictures and a brief update posted.

It was supposed to be installed on the 5th which I was dreading because it was supposed to be raining, but the phone rang yesterday mid morning and they said there was a cancellation for today and did we want it?  Hell yes we wanted it.  So we spent yesterday moving everything and stacking it anywhere it would fit to be ready for this.
While we were moving furniture out of the room to be carpeted, we "installed" sliders onto the bottoms of the heavier furniture. These are on the oak church pew. I have to say that it was an ingenious idea that we really appreciated today while putting the room back together.
We piled it as high as we could!
Empty to the slab and completely ready!
YAY! I love purple LOL don't worry this is just the padding.
I'd never actually seen the seaming process take place - it was really interesting and the most time consuming part.
ALL done and ready to be put back together.
This is actually the table that usually sits in the atrium, but we removed the legs and tucked them underneath to use the table as a supportive base for the Christmas tree.
Working on getting it all put together.
EVERYBODY seems ALL settled in now.

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