Saturday, April 23, 2016


I realized I hadn't done an update recently on our LIFE IN REMODEL.  Besides working on this project we call a house we have been dealing with a critical situation with my sick aunt. She could use everyone's prayers to pull through this. What little time I had before is non-existent now so, I'll make this quick. 
This week has NOT gone at all as planned.  It Started with Sunday night and early Monday morning with 17.2 inches of rain and the shut down one of the largest cities in the country.  Fortunately we did not have any serious flooding with our house, but the garage and back yard are another story.  I did walk down and take this picture of the overflowing bayou not too far from our house.  The birds were enjoying the fresh water.  Tuesday brought another downpour and then Wednesday did too as well as Thursday!  Friday and Saturday have been downright gorgeous though!
These are those great fire proof file cabinets we bought at Habitat for Humanity to organize hubby's garage.  He's working hard to get organized and do his part for this month's minimalist challenge to eliminate our excess of stuff.
The rest of the flooring finally came in for the kitchen and alcove off the master bedroom and we got that laid.  As you can see finish molding needs to be next on our list.  We're going to use the same flooring in the spare bathroom and hope to get that down this next week.
I've been working a bit more on that "TRASH to TREASURE" mirror project.  As you can see in this top picture we now have it screwed to the wall, but now I needed to find a way to disguise the screws.  I found some cut balsa wood pieces at the craft store and used 2 pieces to build the design below.  I hope to get it all painted and finished on Monday. I'll do a follow up once the bathroom is finished.
We finally got the spare bedroom emptied, carpet, padding and tack strip removed.  Then we began to paint and paint and paint again.  The walls were like sponges - so thirsty! As you can see I tried one color and then another until I was happy with it.
The flooring went in fairly smoothly! YAY, we needed a break. The flat woven rug I originally chose for the dining room is in here now and I have to say I'm really liking it. Hubby got the spacers removed and the baseboard up today so we could move furniture in.  I'm still painting the larger dresser in the garage and there will be a chair that has yet to be purchased, but ALL in ALL I'm liking it! We're calling this the "family room" because every photograph or art piece was done by a friend or family member.
Once again we cut it pretty short.  This is all that was left over from the flooring.

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