Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Chronicles of a MisGuided Cousin Update - Day 27

Day 27, 449 combined hours (that does not include the hours spent on our own things getting moved in or moved around for the foundation people) and we still haven't seen the end or the bottom of the mess we committed to.  We ARE committed to this project, but honestly would have turned around and headed back the moment we stepped into this house day one and saw how bad it really was if we hadn't spent a small fortune to get here and traveled a week with aging animals.

This is trash day 8 since we arrived.  The backyard is full of the larger items waiting on the dumpster and and the garage is still 1/3 full of things to go as well as a loaded, locked and heavier than hell 6 foot freezer.
We have spent a small fortune in beer and soda to keep the trash guys happy.  Fortunately they come twice a week. $45 a week adds up fast - $325 so far which would have paid for half a dumpster so after Thanksgiving we will bite the bullet and order the dumpster for $625 and start getting serious about wrecking out the kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and ALL flooring!
The driver is always a really happy guy, I'm sure because he gets to ride with the beer!

One of the hardest parts of this all for us is that there isn't a surface, fixture, faucet, floor or wall that doesn't need to be wrecked out and replaced or have major repairs so we can't even unpack!  1700 square feet and we're living in less than 200 of it. And I'm still cleaning up after the idiot foundation people from last week.
I was working in the living room today and could no longer handle the smell of the front foyer so started "removing" the carpet and padding only to find 2 layers of OLD tile underneath.  Evidently the foyer is where the cat boxes were and as my uncle would say, "her cats were not disciplined". After removing each layer the odor got worse and worse.
Hubby came to help and between the two of us we finally removed all 4 layers and the base board and were able to treat the area so you no longer need a gas mask to walk through it.
So our conclusion is that we need some time away from this ALL and will be playing tomorrow and Thanksgiving.  We will start up again on Friday!


  1. Oh goodness Tamy! The nightmare continues. Ugh!!! I feel so badly that this has to be SUCH a job on you. Keep visualizing the beautiful place you're going to make it though. I'm sure if that house could hug you it would - for helping it return to what it's supposed to be.
    GREAT plan to take a break. Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving and enjoy fun time and lots of rest!! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words! There were times in the past few days especially that I just cried about it all, but in the end will stay committed to getting the work done as quickly as possible.

      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friend!

    2. My poor Sweetie! The support and prayers continue to be sent your way! I'm doing a giveaway on blog. If you get a chance please enter as I'd love to send a treat your way if you win. Blessings Tamy and hang in there. ;)

    3. Sorry I haven't popped by much lately - seem to be so tired by the time I have some computer time. Something fun sounds enticing though. Thanks for letting me know to enter.


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