Sunday, December 7, 2014



Over the years I have made everything, and I do mean everything at one time or another to create a handmade Christmas. I've made rolls and rolls of butcher paper into wrapping paper, cut grocery bags into handmade tags, made enough fudge, candies and cookies to feed a small country, as well as jams, jellies, soup mixes and Snowman soup!

My award winning jams were requested one year at the Church Christmas Boutique and I ended up selling for another 10 years before we moved.  Now I make just enough for gifts for neighbors and family.  I started making Snowman Soup about 20 years ago for the girl scouts and it was a HUGE seller at our gift wrap days and later for the Church Boutique.

Last year I missed the big Christmas Crafts Festival at the fairgrounds because of an ice storm, but this year I made it!  For the things I didn't make myself, I at least bought from local crafters.
As for receiving, I love ANYTHING handmade.  I'm a BIG believer that it's the thought that counts and that caring action ALWAYS touches my heart though I'm partial to cotton crocheted dishcloths, my brothers photographs, my mom's quilted totes and ANYTHING food.


  1. Yes, Yes and Yes.....I like all your handmade gifts :)

  2. Love! So lovely to 'see' you so proud of your jam (and quite rightly!)....loved your's brimming with life and enthusiasm! [A fellow Blogmas-er]


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