Saturday, December 17, 2016


I've updated last year's list.
Funny story here - I had herb savers on my Amazon Christmas list for 2 years.  So 2 years ago I decided to buy myself a Christmas present and got the herb keepers so I could quit using a glass covered with a plastic bag.

So, a couple days before Christmas hubby holds up one of the new herb keepers and asks, what's this?  So I begin explaining what an herb keeper is and he's like, "No why did you buy them?"  Long story short he was getting them for me for Christmas.

So we had our first Christmas dinner last weekend and long story short the prime rib was more medium than medium rare because my OLD meat thermometers, yes both of them were really old and one failed completely and the other one clouded so it could no longer be read and we ended up with meat cooked a bit more than we like.  The next day I ordered a new digital one from Amazon and last night I pulled it out to test the chicken I was cooking and hubby was like, "where did that come from?" I'm still LMBO, he had gone and bought one for my stocking the day before.

This year we are forgoing BIG gifts and doing stockings only since this house is eating up all our disposable cash so fast! We are planning a trip for late spring to compensate.

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