Friday, December 4, 2015

21 days to Christmas - SETTING A DEADLINE

We have been working REALLY hard around here.  Our goal is to have the master bedroom finished by Christmas and a fairly livable living room.  It seems like for every step forward we are taking 7 backwards!
We keep encountering things like a loaded full freezer in the garage which we finally got open yesterday.  We were prepared to drill the lock, but it turns out it wasn't locked, just frozen shut.  We can't quite figure it out though.  Once we got the door open it was a solid block of ice.  Hubby started chipping away at it so we could bag the food for today's trash.  Once he broke through the ice we found defrosted smelly food.  I think every Hickory Farms package my uncle ever sent her for Christmas was inside as well as bags and bags of smoked chili peppers!
Then we keep encountering outlets that look like this.  It's a wonder this house never burnt down! We still have no light in the sewing room, spare bedroom closet or the office and the electrician has not returned ANY calls since he was here Tuesday.  I think it is time to find a new electrician!
On a positive note I was able to get the walk in closet painted!  Hopefully if all goes well I'll lay the tile tomorrow afternoon.  Remember the foundation guys that created such havoc?  They called late this afternoon to say they'd be here tomorrow morning to break out the concrete they did wrong and redo it.  I was told on Tuesday they would call me later that afternoon to schedule something for next week.  I told the guy I needed at least 48 hours notice to move things out of the way.  So I got 16 hours notice and spent 2 hours after dinner trying to make things accessible AGAIN! As soon as they are done I will start tiling the closet.  I'm hoping to have the clothes in the closet by Monday.  That will eliminate A LOT of totes from the living room!
You can really see the color difference in this bedroom picture.  I had just a little paint left in the can so decided to start cutting in and covering some of the larger patch areas.  The nicotine stains are the hardest to cover.

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