Sunday, November 8, 2015

My cuts have cuts, My bruises have bruises - The Chronicles of a Misguided Cousin and Rehabbing Grams and Gramps house

As you know hubby and I have been very excited about our move to my grandparents house and rehabbing it to bring it up to date.  My cousin had been living here since my grandfather's death in 1993.  Sadly, she passed away in 2014 and the house had been sitting here empty (or so we thought).  We thought from what my uncle said that the house was virtually empty, that he had been cleaning it out the past 6 months.  Sadly, that too was not the case. 

As you read this, hubby and I have put in a total of 287 hours over the past 12 days and it is barely livable.  The house is virtually empty, but the garage is still full.  There is not a fixture, cabinet, faucet, wall or appliance that doesn't need replaced or majorly repaired at the very least including the kitchen sink.  The dumpster will arrive Thursday and then the fun will begin. I will post pictures soon to keep this chronicle up to date.
My cousin was known as the Aji Queen, Lady Savory spices and her pepper seeds were sought after from around the world.  Unfortunately she had chile peppers everywhere and everything was peppers from her dishes to her Christmas ornaments.  She had no less than 300 bottles of collectible hot sauces. Each bottle had to be wiped down and packed up.  She was also an avid collector of Barbies.  Let me just say if I ever see another chile pepper themed knick knack or a designer Barbie doll, it will be too soon.

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