Thursday, July 10, 2008


Our 'niece' will be visiting for a couple of weeks and helping to organize around here. We will find some time for fun too though. We're going to take the Shipwreck tour and see the Madeline that will be in port a few days.The one thing she wanted me to teach her, was to quilt. She picked out this pattern, a great beginner pattern and then from my quilt stash she picked out these fat quarters as well as many others for her quilt. Then she learned how to use the quilt bug to narrow down the fabrics to just those that went together well, which I personally always find exciting. To these we added a great border fabric and solid backing that she picked out when we went to town.

Today Am learned how to cut out her pieces using the quilt rulers and got a taste of the tedious part of quilting. The pressing and cutting take so much time. Tomorrow she can start sewing.

She's getting her summer reading requirements accomplished while Sady keeps her company and reads along. And yes, Am is wearing a turtleneck in July - it's been chilly of an evening here.

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