Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Loving others brings great joy!

As for my family, I'm preparing healthier meals and trying to make time and room for more relaxing meals so we have more "quality" time. This weekend I'm preparing a special Valentine's Breakfast in Bed for hubby and then a picnic on the beach with dinner later at his favorite seafood restaurant, the Sea Chest on Friday night. We don't go out on Valentine's Day - too busy, too commercial and way too expensive. We always pick a day right around it and call it our own.
Like Martha (we really feed off of each other - must be those Virgo qualities) I also have a new food blog, Always Eat on the Good China - it's all about the food, all the time. Come on by!

For my pets, we're taking longer and more walks each day and getting plenty of play time at the dog park. My fur children are so much fun and so loving it hardly feels like work to take care of them. I'm also taking better care of myself with diet and exercise. When I do that, I'm more able to be the fun loving playful person they need me to be.
Many of you will remember that I'm still in transition until my house sells. We're staying at the family lake house which in reality is 3 houses. So for others, I'm doing the minor repairs, drain clean outs, spring cleaning, yard clean-up, etc... around those places starting to get ready for the big family Memorial Day blowout.
We're remote and too far from town right now, but as we get more settled I want to start volunteering for a local food bank and do some habitat for humanity work in a neighboring community.

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