Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Revival of Common Courtesy & Personal Service

I think it is time to revive "The Revival of Common Courtesy". I know the world is changing, but I don't necessarily believe it to be for the better. Let me tell you about a transaction that happened to me recently at the local Coffee House and Cafe, the only coffee house in town, and you be the judge. Let me tell you no matter how much I want a specialty coffee, I will NEVER set foot in there again, which is sad as it was one of the few cleaner places in town, but the lack of health department code enforcement is a different post altogether.

We recently had our big, once a year festival in town for Humungus Fungus. It features mushrooms, city wide rummage and sidewalk sales, a parade and street dance and many other activities. Humungus Fungus is a pretty big deal for this little town. After many hours of rummage saling, we decided to treat ourselves to lunch so we went to The Coffee House & Cafe. Lunch was okay and we left to continue with the rummage sales. Later that afternoon while I was balancing my account I saw that they had triple charged (3 pending transactions for the exact amount at the exact same time) my account. Their credit card machine is in the back room so I can not say what actually happened. I called them up and spoke with the manager/owner and she flat out denied it and said it was 'my problem' because she only had 1 transaction slip and didn't know how to fix it. Here is where the personal service should have kicked in. I would have accepted her telling me that she didn't know how to fix it, but would look into it and get back to me, BUT to tell me they didn't do it when it is so blatantly there in black & white and that it's not their problem when they are the merchant and I get a bit peeved! I called my bank and was told it had to be released by the merchant. So I gave her over the weekend for the issue to be resolved. Late Monday I went in with a print out of the account to speak with her as it had not been resolved. I asked her if she would look into it and she said she didn't know how. I asked her to call the 800 number on her machine or her bank and she flatly refused. When I asked her how she planned to resolve this issue she told me not to get snotty because this wasn't her problem and she worked her butt off there for absolutely nothing. I'm sorry, but you don't get to cause a problem and then play martyr! I have filed a dispute and am writing a letter to the city council as well as the better business bureau, but am afraid it will fall upon deaf ears as so many things do these days. It seems strange to me that so many people are so willing to accept the lack of courtesy being provided by so many businesses. I for one will not and will boycott said business as well as spread the word. As far as I'm concerned businesses like that should be put out of business if they are not willing to provide the most basic of common courtesy. I'm a BIG believer in positive attitude, etiquette and good manners. Attitude is everything and hers SUCKED. You shouldn't be in business if you are not willing to cater to customers ESPECIALLY when you made the error!

Ironically I recently learned that the business owner who didn't know who to call or how to fix it worked for a local bank for a long time. Scary isn't it?

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