Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Underground Mine Tour in Vulcan but we didn't see MR. Spock

We took advantage of the wonderful weather and decided to trek to Vulcan (unfortunately Mr. Spock didn't join us) for the Underground Iron Mine tour here in the U.P. The first time we tried to do this, we hadn't brought jackets and even in July they are a necessary evil. As you progress down the mine (400 feet deep and 1/2 mile underground) the temperature drops to 42 degrees almost immediately! So this time we brought jackets and stayed toasty for the tour.

The mining began as exploratory in 1837 when Michigan became the 26th state and took MANY years to produce a profit.

The mine was closed after WWII in 1945 when the prices for iron took a drastic drop and the mine could no longer make a profit.

Am was so chilled she even covered her ears!

P.S. Note to those who actually care about common courtesy and respect for others: If you are taking your children on a tour that requires others to pay for their tickets, then please curtail your small children's activities and speech. No one spends their hard earned money to go on a tour to NOT hear it or see what is going on because of your inability to discipline your children and keep them respectful of others.

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